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  10 Duff Road
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  Pittsburgh, PA 15235
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We investigate, evaluate, and settle all types of property and casualty claims. This would include personal and commercial auto liability, pip, um/uim, fidelity, general liability including cgl, ho, etc., garage liability, garagekeepers legal liability, open lot dealers, inland marine, environmental, product liability, professional e&o, workers’ compensation, and all property lines including residential, commercial, industrial, church, farm, bops, etc.

For over 55 years, one of our niche specialties has been the handling of over-the-road trucking claims where we provide 24 hours per day, 365 days per year on-the-scene handling for self-insured truckers, as well as insurance carriers specializing in insuring over-the-road truckers. This would include conducting the liability investigation at the scene, as well as follow-up investigation; environmental exposures where we can handle the necessary retention and supervision of environmental remediation firms in cooperation with environmental and police authorities; the protection, handling, and disposal of cargo; arranging for federally mandated driver drug testing; and truck physical damage appraisals.

We handle the investigation and recovery of subrogation claims. We also handle, on a contractual basis, liability deductible recovery programs, where we have achieved superior collection results.

We are familiar with both ISO and AAIS policies.

We handle all types of appraisals including automobile, heavy equipment, truck, tractor and trailer, farm machinery, etc.

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